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How to Embody the INNER WORK Instead of Just Processing It-Milwaukee

TOSA - Therapy for the Soul - Online via ZOOM

1st Saturday of each month from 11:00a.m. - 3:00p.m.

Free, immersive, workshop to embody your inner work so you can finally break the cycle and align with your authentic, soul-filled life.

Are you a spiritual seeker, therapist, coach, or facilitator passionate about developing awareness and growing personally and professionally? You've done the training. You're doing the work. Yet you still find yourself repeating the old patterns.

In your heart of hearts, you're finally ready to break the cycle for yourself and those you support. To be frank, you're kind of sick of repeating your victim narratives, stuckness and emotional patterns.

As a personal growth enthusiast on an awakening journey, you know your inner world creates your external world. And yet you still find it difficult to integrate and embody all the knowledge in a way that aligns you with the life you know is possible.

Or maybe you've simply had a profound experience with breathwork or somatic experiences. The experience changed you. And you're curious to learn more about using the breath, somatic processes and embodied presence to create lasting transformation (for yourself and those you serve).

Are you ready to finally heal at the deepest level possible?

Register for this immersive 4-hour workshop if you want to feel a deep sense of liberation from your emotional pain or stuckness and you're ready to take the courageous step of claiming full responsibility for the life you came here to live.

You know investing in yourself is essential, but you also can’t keep expecting that next training, medicine journey or "thing" to be the answer.

So what now?

This free deeply engaging worksop is your missing link if you want to integrate all the sh*t you've done and know!

Join us for this process-rich experience. You will be given the tools and methodologies, guided through embodiment processes and held in the sacred space to transform your wounded story, trauma-based narratives and suffering into the growth and integrative healing you long for (for you and your clients). When you are supported to integrate what you innately know—you'll embody your wholeness. You'll align with your inner authenticity. You'll feel confident and purpose-filled. You'll deeply trust yourself and life, and that is when you'll find your outer experiences shift toward abundance, grace and ease.



You want to avoid spiritual bypassing and be an embodied version of the WISDOM you have to share—you're ready to end the cycle and reclaim your joy and vibrance.

You know there is inherent knowledge in the body and want to learn how to finally listen to it and trust it so you can experience the flow and ease of LIFE!

You've read the books and maybe even have the certifications and tried to CHANGE your life, but you still end up repeating old habits and creating the same old results.

You want to help others but feel like you can't show up CONFIDENTLY because there is a lack of embodiment—you're ready to heal yourself so you can support others with integrity.

You can no longer deny the call to slow down and embody deep PRESENCE so that you can feel a deep sense of clarity and live in alignment with your inner authenticity and PURPOSE.


If any of that sounds like you, join us for this powerful, integrative experience!

You've been trying to do it all. The truth is, no one can do it on their own.

You can't see what you can't see — so let us support you! And witness the ripple effect of this inner transformation and embodiment in the lives of all connected to you.

RSVP TODAY to unlock the power of conscious breathwork, somatic inquiry, embodied presence and sacred community so that you can witness the YOU that is unchanged, infinite and empowered and make the difference in the world that you are called to make!



This is a 4-hour live-online workshop held on Zoom. The link to join will be provided upon registration so be sure to check your email.

This workshop is open to all experience levels.

The powerful and unique framework we will be working with during the session is called "The TOSA Method"—which includes conscious breathwork, somatic inquiry, embodied presence and sacred community. There will be a full one-hour breathwork journey included.

Bring your vulnerability and a deep desire for transformation.

Wear/bring layers since breathwork can induce a range of temperatures.

Don't forget a pen and notebook and your water bottle.

Register for an upcomming session here:

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