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women's self defense
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ABOUT Soteria

At Soteria, we believe that everyone has the right to the skills to be safe. That's why we provide trauma-informed mental resilience and self-defense programming that equips individuals with the tools they need to navigate some of society's most challenging situations. 

Through partnerships with other individuals and organizations, we aim to spread these important concepts and promote a culture of safety and respect.


Join us in our mission to creating a safer future. 

Blackened Paper

Our Vision

Teach people the physical and mental knowledge to effectively prevent and mitigate crisis or violent situations.

Why Learn soteria Self Defense


 experience increased confidence and mental resilience

Happy Couple

healhty relationships and interpersonal communication

Fit Woman

skills to control your thoughts and regulate mind and body in a crisis

Outdoor Training

defense techniques

and safety 


rewire your mind

tools and skills for

be and feel safer

physical and verbal

what we offer

Soteria is much more than traditional self-defense training.

Through a combination of physical techniques, safety and security strategies, healthy assertiveness and interpersonal communication skills, and tools for emotion regulation and neuroplasticity.


As well as by focusing our content and methods on the scenarios people are most at risk: from others they know or within their own homes - We believe that our curriculum can help prevent violence and abuse. 

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"Self Defense Is Not Just A Set Of Techniques; It’s A State Of Mind, And It Begins With The Belief That You Are Worth Defending." 

Rorion Gracie 

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